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Who are the best French youtubers?

Welcome to our selection of French Youtubers.

There are many youtubers in France which are very popular. Some of them have tens of millions of followers and views. They are known for their talent and creativity that keep improving. These youtubers are followed by millions of people and have a huge impact on popular culture. They are often considered as influencers and opinion leaders.

Here are some of the most popular youtubers in France:

Inoxtag: the youthful youtubeur!

stainless steel of his real name Inès Benazzouz is a French youtubeur who has enjoyed a dazzling success in recent years. He made himself known in particular thanks to his video game videos, but he also deals with other subjects in his vlogs and his programs.

Inoxtag is today one of the largest stars in the French web, and its influence continues to grow. He has more than 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his videos have been seen hundreds of millions of times!

Inoxtag was able to seduce a large audience thanks to his humor and his endearing personality especially during the Z Event, a carritative event broadcast on the Twitch platform.

How old in stainlessness? Today he is considered one of the most talented and popular Youtubers of his generation despite his youth. Indeed, he was born in 2002.

squeezie: the number 1 of YouTube!

Squeezie is another very popular French youtubeur, called Lucas Hauchard. He has more than seventeen million followers on his YouTube channel. Squeezie is known for her humorous videos. He also created several series of videos, including “Les Videos de Squeezie”, “Les Vlogs de Squeezie” and “Les Challenges de Squeezie”. Squeezie is also the author of the book “Les Videos de Squeezie”.

Michou: The star of Fortnite!

Michou is a French youtubeur specializing in gaming called Miguel Mattioli. He is known for his videos from Let’s Plays on games such as Minecraft, Clash of Clans and Fortnite. Michou is also known for its vlogs and challenges. He has more than eight million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Michou is a talented and entertaining youtubeur. It is appreciated by gamers and non-gamers. I highly recommend that you subscribe to your YouTube channel!

Michou is an atypical youtuber and it is difficult to compare it to others, he even had the opportunity to embark on music, he counts more than 50 million views on one of his hits: Proud . He is talented, intelligent, funny and he has a message to convey.

If you don’t know Michou yet, it’s time to subscribe to his channel!