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DMCA – Copyright Act.

At we recognize the importance of private copying as a legal right afforded to users under copyright law. Our platform respects and supports these rights, allowing users to use our MP3 and MP4 conversion services in accordance with current legislation.

Uses authorized by private copying:

  1. Educational purposes:Illustration in the context of teaching and research, in accordance with EU Directive 2019/790.
  2. Archiving : Permission to make copies for archival purposes.
  3. Transitional technical reproduction: Permitted for lawful and transient use.
  4. Publication by press:Possibility of downloading for publication in the press.
  5. Personal consultation by people with disabilities: Authorization todownload to enable consultation by disabled people.
  6. Legal Deposit : Allowed fordownload for the purpose of collecting the legal deposit.
  7. Ininformation directly related to the work: Authorization todownload with the aim of informing in direct relation to the work.
  8. Parliamentary procedure: Authorized through parliamentary procedure.

It is necessary to note that these provisions may evolve depending on legislative changes, judicial decisions and technological progress. We are committed to staying informed and adjusting our practices accordingly to ensure compliance with current legislation.

Restrictions and Liability:

Apart from these specifically authorized situations, it is strictly prohibited to download links from our platform. declines all responsibility for the illicit use of its MP3 and MP4 conversion tool. Users are requested to comply with applicable laws and regulations when using our Services, and the Platform assumes no responsibility for any unauthorized use or use in violation of copyright law.

Prohibition of Redistribution or Resale:

It is illegal to download music from the internet from sources such as YouTube, unless the person is downloading privately. This rule is defined by French law on the private copying exception. prohibits and disclaims any responsibility for users wishing to redistribute or resell protected files.

Notification of Copyrighted Materials:

In summary and conclusion, copyrighted videos cannot be used for commercial purposes. If you find that copyrighted videos can be uploaded, please let us know at [email protected]. In order to process your notification, please provide the following:


  • Copy of the applicant’s identity document (driving license, identity card or passport).
  • A document confirming that you or your client has rights to the content of the complaint, or if you represent a third party, an agreement between you and the third party.
  • The URL(s) of the copyrighted video (YouTube link etc.).

We take these steps to promote ethical use of our services and help respect the rights of creators and copyright owners. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.