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What is the difference between Youtube and Dailymotion?

If you are creating videos for a YouTube channel or a Dailymotion account, you have probably asked yourself this question: what is the difference between the two? The answer to this question is important because, according to your needs, there are significant differences between the two. You may notice that you are missing a precious opportunity to increase your income with a video on a single platform. You could also realize that you neglect some other features and advantages of each site.


In the world of video streaming, YouTube and Dailymotion are two of the most popular websites. The two belong to Google and allow Internet users to download videos. However, they have differences that are important to consider. Dailymotion has a global audience smaller than YouTube. This means that he will not attract the same amount of viewers. On the other hand, the quality of videos on Dailymotion is better. It is also more flexible in terms of copyright problems. Another problem is that Dailymotion does not offer video analysis tools. These are useful for monitoring the visualization habits of viewers. This can help users adjust their videos.

Dailymotion does not allow a user to download more than 2 GB of content either. This means that a large number of videos are lost. This can cause copyright problems.

On the other hand, YouTube has more content categories. It also has a higher number of users.

Copyright problem

The French video platform Dailymotion has become the target of copyright prosecution in recent years. These proceedings are not limited to video content. YouTube, which belongs to Google, is also continued by Viacom, a large wired network, and Myspace, a popular social networking site. Dailymotion actively seeks partnerships with content producers. This allowed the company to continue to keep its position as a video sharing site. His policy is less rigid than YouTubes. For example, he has no strikes or copyright jobs, but it does not allow users to download videos with adult content.

He also has a red strip section, which filters the restricted content. These measures are in place to avoid hacking, but the video sharing website has also been examined by content providers. Dailymotion is the last of a long line of popular video platforms to deal with legal problems. The Company was cited by the Court of Rome of the EU as being without compliance with a certain number of legal obligations which it owes to right holders.


Dailymotion is a French video sharing site. It has more than 300 million active users. It provides a wide variety of video content. It also offers the age gate age function, which limits certain content by reaching minor viewers.

The website has teamed up with security groups to ensure that children have a safe and safe experience. They have created awareness campaigns to combat cyberbullying and online dangers. Video contents downloaded by users can contain violent or pornographic content. Some videos may also have laws, sexual visuals and nudity.

Some users have reported malware attacks. These attacks are targeted on high -to -high traffic websites. The malicious actors inject malicious software via links. YouTube has an analytical tool called YouTube Insight. This tool helps downloaders to monitor their viewers. This can also help them optimize their videos. This analysis tool can also be used to measure the duration of a particular video.