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How does youtube earn money with advertising?

YouTube is an American online media company founded by three former Paypal employees. It is also bought by Google in 2006. YouTube allows any user to watch videos but also to share them, comment and love. The videos hosted on YouTube are accessible for free but the company earns money thanks to advertising broadcast before, during or after certain videos. Videographers can also create channels on YouTube and display videos of their choice. The most popular can earn money through donations from their fans or by selling products to their brand. YouTube is today one of the most popular online media companies in the world with more than 1.5 billion active users per month. Advertisers pay YouTube so that their videos are first broadcast on the platform. These videos are generally advertisements, but they can also be promotional videos or trailers. Advertisers may target their announcements according to different criteria, such as age, sex, geographic location or user interests. YouTube generates income by broadcasting these videos and invoicing them to advertisers. YouTube does not pay content creators for the broadcast of their videos. Content creators receive only advertising revenues if they choose to participate in the Youtube monetization program. Advertising is one of the means most used by YouTube to earn money. Indeed, the company displays advertisements before, during or after certain videos. Advertisers pay YouTube to broadcast their advertisements and the company transfers part of this money to videographers. Videographers can also earn money thanks to donations from their fans or by selling products to their brand.